Semi finals! (Sunday 03-09-2017)


Having finished the regular season in third spot we are now finals bound and anything is possible in the finals!

We will play in semi final 2 against “The Gap” at 09.00AM.
Please advise Marinus ASAP if you are unable to play.

Date: Sunday 03-09-2017
Kick-off: 09.00
Be there at 8.00 (definitely no later than 8.15) to get jerseys and warm up.
Location: Don Randall Oval 1 (34 Andrew Street, Lota) –This is Bayside United’s home ground-
Match fees: $ 7.00 – Please have correct change.
Half-time fruit: James McCabe

It appears that even for this final only two match officials have been allocated, so we may want to nominate a volunteer to run the line?

Please be aware that referees are being assessed themselves during these finals matches so we will all need to be well organised, on our best behaviour and have all equipment and kit in accordance with the rules (bibs, skins, earrings, footwear etc.)

Please make sure that we are both physically and mentally prepared and ready to give it our best from Kick-off until the final whistle.

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